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Frequently asked questions around asset management systems, inspection and inventory systems, and cloud services


On this page we provide support to users of our systems. Support is provided both for the software and the hardware, including the RFID element, and for the barcode readers and handheld computers.

Some of the commonly asked questions are listed on this page, under "FAQ." Select an item from the list to the right for user tips, support, training, for the online support request registration, and for sales assistance.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What do you know about RFID printers?

OK, that's only part of my question ... I've done some digging but not found much about how they work. OK, I can live with a printed antenna but what about the chip itself? Again I can live with the whole PCB/IC technology but is technology really so advanced in this area that I can have a RFID printer on my desk and churn them out? Naaaa. What am I missing here? And what the heck are chipless RFID tags? Or is it that the label stock actually has a RFID tag embedded in each one and the print goes on at the same time as info is loaded onto the tag? THAT I could believe though it doesn't sound cheap.

A: Well, first of all, calm down... You are really addressing two different technologies here... more

Q: How do I choose the right handheld computer for my application?

A: You choose by making a trade off between a number of key factors including size,weight, battery life, keyboard, screen size, robust design... more

Q: When printing barcodes on small labels, how can I make more room on the label?

A: If you use code 128 as the symbology for the barcode you will generate more space on the label for other details such as logos or text. Code 128 has a higher density than other barcode symbologies and helps alleviate the crowded look of some smaller size labels.

Q: If I am receiving new asset items that have all of the same information like description, model, manufacturer, supplier, cost, purchase date, etc. do I have to manually fill in all of these fields for each asset?

A: No you do not have to manually fill in the information. You can use the Clone function within BassetPro. The Clone function allows the user to capture all of
the data entered for the previous asset except the bar code and serial number fields. The user will click on 'Clone Asset' and then be prompted to enter a new bar code number and serial number if applicable.

Q: When I activate communication mode on my handheld computer and try to download data from the desktop I get a 'retry' message on the screen.

A: This 'retry' message is usually related to the communication port that is set to your desktop. Most desktops have 2 communication ports and you need to ensure that the correct port is set for the data transfer. On the back of your PC, check to see which communication port your cable is attached to. In the transfer screen check to see which communication port you have set, make note of this. Go to Setup - Communications and change the communication port settings. Go back to File - Transfer and try the data download again. You should see the progression bar moving as your data gets transferred.

Q: While I was using BassetPro on my PC, there was a power failure and Windows crashed. That was two days ago and ever since then, whenever I enter into BassetPro, I get a warning screen with red letters saying that a second copy of BassetPro may be running. I have the option to quit or continue running BassetPro. I've checked my Windows task bar at the bottom and I don't have a copy open. If I click Continue, I am able to use BassetPro, but the next time I enter into BassetPro I get the same warning. Why is BassetPro giving me this warning when I don't have a second copy open?

A: Power failures and Windows crashes are a fact of life for every computer user. Unfortunately, if you are using BassetPro when this happens, some database files may stay open. To avoid potential corruption of your database, we have built in this warning screen to let you know that either you have a copy already open, or BassetPro was not closed properly the last time it was used. If you see this warning message, the first thing to do is check your Windows task bar to see if you do have a copy open. If you do, then select the Quit BassetPro button and use the copy of BassetPro already open. If there is not a copy running, click the Continue BassetPro button, and once in BassetPro exit properly by selecting Exit from the File menu. Once BassetPro has been shut down properly, you can re-enter it without experiencing the warning screen. By following these few easy steps every time you see this warning screen, you can avoid damaging the database you worked so hard to create and maintain.

Q: When transferring information from the handheld computer to the desktop system why do I sometimes get an error message "key not found". Why is this and why do I only get the message sometimes?

A: Maintaining data integrity is a key function of the BassetPro system. In earlier revisions, there were occasional instances of data being incorrectly imported from other systems, either by accident or design. To ensure data integrity, there is a secret key encoded with the data. If you transfer data back to the originating system the operation of this key is invisible. The error message you saw occurs only when you attempt to transfer data from another system.

(The client subsequently confirmed that he had inadvertently attempted to transfer data from a test database. The secret key function had saved him from an unfortunate error.)


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