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Accurate, Reliable, Asset Management from BassetPro

SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

BassetPro Genesis

BassetPro is SageData flagship product. It has been continuously developed and refined over more than 20 years, and it incorporates lessons learned from many hundreds of customers and millions of transactions. It is the core of our product offerings in asset tracking, inventory management, and inspection and maintenance control.

Why do you care?

Well, when you use BassetPro to help manage your assets or inventory, particularly if it is mission-critical kit, you probably do not want something built from scratch. You will be secure in the knowledge that BassetPro is a solid base on which to rely. The fact that thousands of people before you have used the same technology that is at the heart of our products speaks volumes about the reliability of the information that you entrust to the system.

Here is a high-level diagram of the main system components.

BassetPro main components

But that is just the beginning

Many companies offer a standard product, but few give the same degree of attention to what YOU need in your own unique environment. At SageData Solutions, we do not believe that you should tailor your operating procedures to methods that a software designer, maybe with no experience of your sector, has determined.
So, we have three things that turns our system into your unique work-tool:

- A custom-configured user interface (shell) around the core. While you are experiencing the reliability of the BassetPro core, you are doing it via your own unique look-and-feel on the various screens
- A library of functions developed over 20+ years that we pull from to craft the logic and rules of your own operation
- A data collection environment that allows many different types of data entry - barcodes of all types, RFID tags, sensor readings, NFC, Bluetooth beacons, and so on - even manual entry and list selection.

While these elements are worth knowing about, we do not expect you to do it yourself. In our pre-delivery discussions, we work with you to define everything you need. We deliver, you use, you give us feedback, we tweak it so that it becomes the perfect fit.

In the diagram above, you see that we balance the two worlds of customized one-off systems with generic off-the-shelf software. Every customer has a different balance and different needs, and that is why you will find BassetPro systems in environments as diverse as office and industrial environments, in the public and in the private sectors, and in customers ranging from large multi-nationals to small businesses. Each run their own unique system, but each is powered by the solid core of BassetPro.

We would be happy to tell you many additional details and describe some examples of our solutions based on BassetPro.

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