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An Introduction to BassetPro Mobile


BassetPro mobile units


The BassetPro System comes in two parts - a mobile unit and a fixed element. The mobile element is used to collect information or direct the user to the next task.
The fixed portion runs on SageData Servers, Client Servers, or on a desktop workstation or laptop.
This section covers the license for the mobile element of the system.


The functionality of the mobile element is defined by the fixed element that it is coupled with. The mobile element includes communication software to transfer information from the fixed element. It includes data collection information to capture the location and identify of all items being managed.
A log on is required, and this serves two purposes. It prevents unauthorised use of the mobile unit, but it also enables all records to be tagged with the author and time of collection.

License Requirements

One license is require for each mobile unit in service. The license covers function of mobile units used for for systems using barcodes or RFID.
For more information on the function of the mobile units, contact SageData. A project manager will provide assistance.


The mobile unit is an essential element of most systems, ensuring that data can be captured easily, quickly and accurately.

BassetPro mobile

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