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Inspection systems using barcodes and RFID technologies

SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Inspection solutions is another strength of SageData. We helped multiple clients to make their inspection business time efficient, accurate and reliable.

Memor20 with Inspection software

For example, an important task of inspecting fire extinguishers. This task has to be done at the location of the fire extinguisher. An inspector would travel to the site where the equipment to be inspected is located, find the equipment, have a look at it, and take notes. These notes will likely form a report that the inspector needs to produce.

Now, armed with the SageData mobile information collector, the inspector will only need to log into the information collector, choose an inspection site and follow the on-screen directions to the closest fire extinguisher. At the location the inspector scans the barcode, prompting the fire extinguisher information to appear on the screen, updates relevant fields, and saves the information. The information collector will now guide the inspector to the next object of inspection.

The SageData solution saves time and enables an inspector unfamiliar with the building layout to find all the fire extinguishers and accomplish tasks efficiently without wandering around looking for a specific location. The inspection report is automatically generated as the inspector moves from one object of inspection to another. The building manager has access to information that shows which units were inspected, who inspected them, and when they were inspected. In some special cases, such as inspection of fall prevention equipment, the system verifies that the inspector has the appropriate qualifications.

Inspector in practice merely indicates with one click that the equipment is fit for service. If a new inspector is presented with unusual equipment, the system can prompt with a checklist. If the equipment is rated as not fit for service, the system can present a list of the most likely failure reasons, with the option to add an appropriate note.

Fire safety report
A sample of BassetPro fire inspection report

While the example of fire extinguishers' inspection covers only one case, the SageData solution can be used for inspection of any physical item. For example, it can be used to log the conditions of art work or the results of power equipment (e.g., portable power generator) inspection.

We will be happy to discuss your business needs and recommend a suitable solution.

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