Select Label


You can create a new label, or modify a saved one. LAPIS automatically defaults to your last label to allow for slight changes. LAPIS can store an unlimited number of label formats.


Define Block


You have up to nine blocks available to define your label. You can specify the vertical and horizontal position, whether the block contains a BAR CODE or text, and if the information is fixed or variable. For BAR CODES, your options are Code 39, Code 128 or UPC. For text blocks, you have five font sizes available, plus a magnification option (Note: magnification and font sizing is dependent on the type of printer chosen).


Variable Data


Hyphenation and long numbers are more easily read

Starting number for sequential numbers

Quantity of labels to print

Number of reprints of each label

Number of characters contained in your BAR CODE

Prefix option

Bar code check digit option


Set Communications


Depending on your printer, a serial or parallel interface is available.



LAPIS Benefits


LAPIS Clients


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LAPIS Features

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