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The SageData Difference

Keith Jackson shares some thoughts on why SageData is a different kind of company, and why that is good for our clients. Click here for more on the SageData Difference.

November, 2014

Zebra and Motorola Solutions are now one.  The Deal is Done!

There used to be a lot of competition in the handheld computer market, with Psion, Teklogics, Intermec, Telxon, Symbol, Datalogic and Handheld Products all offering a variety of excellent products.

But over the last few years there has been consolidation. Teklogix was absorbed by Psion.  Psion was then absorbed by Motorola, who had previously absorbed Symbol. Zebra have now absorbed Motorola Solutions. I wonder if Zebra are looking over their shoulders? Through all these changes SageData have ensured business as usual for our clients, and we anticipate no significant problems arising from this last change.

On the other side of the house, Honeywell took over Handheld Products and Datalogic, and have now taken on Intermec. As before, we anticipate no serious problems for our clients arising from these changes.

There are interesting new products coming from both suppliers, and we will keep you advised as these products approach release date.

October, 2014

Release of the TC70 handheld computer from Motorola Solutions

You may have read of the TC55 handheld computer released earlier this year. TC70 is the big brother. Bigger screen. More rugged. Details to follow soon.

October, 2014

Android and Rugged Enterprise Mobile Computing

Keith Jackson looks at the question - "what is the best OS for a rugged handheld computer?" He looks at the various operating systems available for mobile computers, and compares their strengths and weaknesses today, and where he thinks they are going tomorrow. Click here for more on the best OS for a mobile computer.

June, 2014

Update - TC55 Rugged Mobile Computer with Barcode Read capability

The TC55 was released by Motorola in October of last year. It has been around for more than six months, so it is time for an evaluation - and the answer is that it is a good machine. Our products run on a variety of handheld computers from a variety of vendors, and requests from our clients range from "make it rugged", to "make it less expensive". Often both. This machine scores well in both categories.

Perhaps the biggest difference between this and our usual platforms is the move to the BSOG concept - where "BSOG" means Big Slab of Glass. That approach is familiar to us all from Apple and Samsung consumer products, and so is more readily accepted by users. It also means a lower component count, which in turn means higher reliability (less part to fail) and lower cost. Motorola have also taken the concept "all in" - so the TC55 comes with WiFi and WWAN as standard. And it is differentiated from the similar consumer products by an effective barcode reader - capapable of both 1D and 2D barcodes.

SageData will be moving all applications to the TC55 in due course. The BassetPro asset management system is currently being tested, and will be made available to all clients shortly. The INSPEC Inspection System and Whippet Warehouse Management variants of BassetPro will follow soon.

May, 2014


SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

We design, supply and support systems built around RFID, Barcodes and Handheld computers.

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