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DS2200 from Zebra

barcode reader, cordless
DL-Axist from Datalogic
 mobile handheld computer

We supply systems for asset management, inspections, inventory and much more...
Manage Assets
with RFID or barcodes
Inspect Fire Equipment
with  RFID or barcodes

Manage a Warehouse
Manage a Library
Using RFID

Manage Warehouse Operations
Manage Files
and Documents

Store Archival Files
We don't ask you to change your process to match our software.

We change our software to match your process.

  Configuration for a client
We built a system using Barcodes
to manage

- We called it BassetPro
BassetPro Architecture

We supply complete systems, including hardware...
Workabout Pro Handheld Computer
Memor rugged hand held computer from Datalogix
Barcode readers tethered Symbol LS2208
Barcode Reader, Cordless, from Symbol
RFID and Barcode Reader

for file tracking, library and asset management

RFID Reader
Barcode printers

... and tags, barcoded, RFID, BLE, NFC...
RFID Tag Logs Temperature
BLE - Bluetooth
Low Energy Beacons

RFID Tag, UHF, Passive

Barcode Labels

Barcode and RFID labels
Everything makes sense.
- If it doesn't seem to make sense, it could just be that we don't understand it
Manage Assets in the cloud
Systems for the Canadian Government