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WHiPPET (WMS) Warehouse Management System Clients



In today's competitive environment, understanding the crucial role of a Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a vital component in your organization.


WHiPPET is part of the BassetPro family of software products from SageData. It is a wireless system that provides real-time updates and access to your valuable data. It is designed for small-to-medium sized warehouses to provide a wide array of functionality to support warehouse and distribution applications.
In a time of increased demand and JIT inventory tracking becoming the norm, WHiPPET optimizes productivity, efficiency, and accuracy of your warehouse.

WHiPPET has sophisticated features that will allow you to efficiently handle the process of inventory management, order fulfillment, shipping, pick lists and reports. There is a web browser interface module that is available with customization to give you real-time information about your warehouse.

WHiPPET Clients

  • D'Arcy Logistics
  • Department of National Defence - Fleet Maintenance
  • Natural Resources Canada
  • Saskatchewan Environment Resource Management
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Human Resources Development Canada

WHiPPET screenshot

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SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

We design, supply and support systems built around RFID, Barcodes and Handheld computers.

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