So you want to take a test drive of the AFS system?


This page will give you an overview of how the system works, and will give you the information that you need to exercise the system.

This system is live.  There are many features that can be customised.  This shows a typical configuration.  You will see the system from the perspective of a user - your client.

Log In.

The system requires all users to identify themselves.  Your first step will be to register as a user.  You will be prompted to provide key information.  At the conclusion of the registration process, a password will be sent to your email address - so be sure to use the correct address.   We recommend that you cut and paste the password to avoid typos.

Main Menu.

When you are logged on to the system. you will see the main menu.  This shows the various activities that an end user can initiate.  It includes preparing boxes for shipment to storage, retrieving boxes from storage, requesting destruction, and viewing current inventory.  Although this is a live system, as boxes will not actually be received and stored, you will not be able to exercise all the tasks. 

To prepare boxes for storage - print labels

But you can begin the first part of the process, that of ordering labels so that you can prepare the bankers boxes for pickup. 

Start by clicking on  [ ship boxes to ]

Enter Key Information

You will be prompted to enter information that you will later use to identify the boxes.  In this case, two lines are provided.  Enter the information, and then indicate how many boxes are to be stored.  For now, pick a small number, perhaps  2 or 3.

When you have entered this information, click  [ next ]

Order labels Confirmation

The following page, "Order labels Confirmation" shows the number of boxes, and the initial charge for storage.  The real costs will be set by you, and can be easily modified from time to time.

If you are comfortable with this (you don't really have to pay), click the button marked  [ PAY ]

The following screen is marked  "Create Labels".

Click the button marked  [ Print/Save ]

A pop up screen will give you the option to  [ Open ] or  [save ]

Print the labels

Select either option, as you prefer.  One prints directly to  your default printer.  The other saves the file for subsequent printing.

And that completes the first part of the demonstration.  It gives you a feel for the power, speed and ease of use of the system.  If you would like more information, or if you would like us to "receive" your phantom boxes, so you that can test the rest of the features, please contact us directly.  We will be pleased to help.
So ready for a test drive?

Click here to log on to the Archival File Storage System.

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Archival File Storage Test Drive

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