Manage your Archival File Storage



There is an increasing requirement for paper files to be stored, or archived, for a period of years.  The period may vary.  Project notes may need to be stored for a few years. 

Legal and accounting to seven or more years.  Medical records, particularly those associated with clinical research, may need to be stored for 25 years or more.  Files are typically stored in bankers boxes.  The systems that help manage this process are Archival File Storage  (AFS) Systems.


A typical system will include a web element, an RF based management system, using barcodes and handheld computers to track the receipt, put away, pick and ship or destroy functions, and a reporting element, to show transactions and current storage listings.

Label Printing.

This function enables the persons requesting storage to enter appropriate data and produce their own barcoded labels on site. The system is a web based system, and requires no installation on the part of the user.  This is one of the features that distinguishes the AFS system from the conventional "general purpose" web system.



SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

We design, supply and support systems for asset management, warehouse management, inspections, and traceability.

The technologies we use include barcodes, RFID, NFC, BLE, and handheld computers.

We provide consulting services, and standard or bespoke systems designed to your requirements.

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