Material Management System for a Construction Project

News 2009 / Material Management System for Construction Project


Executive Summary

SageData is to provide a Material Management System for a major construction project. Handheld computers will be used to track the receipt and movement of goods valued at more than $100m. Items will be marked with barcode identifiers, and the exact location of goods will be tracked using GPS. A wireless wide area network will be used to pass information back to a central server, and comprehensive reporting will be available through the web.


The system will use the IKON handheld computer from Psion-Teklogix, although the software has been tested on products from Intermec (the CN3)and Symbol (the MC70).


The software is based on SageData's BassetPro Material Management software, with some adjustments to accommodate special requirements of this project, including the ability to capture multiple signatures. Special features are built into the system to provide protection against data loss. The User Interface has been optimised so that users with minimal training are guided through the processes of receiving and verifying product. The system includes the ability to confirm that materials are compliant with Quality requirements, and is capable of capturing and intelligently reporting any issues that my arise during receiving, inspection or movement activities. The system has the ability to perform Quality Checks as work progresses, and can be used to report progress to construction managers.

SageData have been working closely with the client, and have been involved with discussions with vendors to agree on appropriate marking. Vendors see this as a benefit to them in avoiding questions around the delivery of materials. More than one hundred thousand items will be individually tracked for this project.

Return on Investment

All parties benefit from the introduction of this system. Vendors will be able to confirm delivery of all items, and any errors can be accurately reported in a timely fashion. Payment can be expedited quickly, as proof of delivery will be available. Construction managers will have confirmation that all materials are to hand before beginning work on each stage of the project. If additional materials are required, their availability and location are easily and quickly found.

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